Quit Smoking using Hypnotherapy

New Scientist magazine shows hypnotherapy to be the most effective method to Quit Smoking.

Hypnosis for stopping smoking is scientifically proven to be more effective than any other therapy and is 100% safe.

In 1992, New Scientist Magazine published the results of an extensive clinical study on the most effective methods of quitting smoking. A meta-analysis, statistically combining the results of more than 600 studies (over 72,000 individual cases) showed that hypnotherapy increased a smoker’s success chances from 6% to 60%.

These are the research based success rates from the above study for different smoking cessation methods:

  • 60% – Single session Hypnosis
  • 24% – Acupuncture
  • 10% – Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)
  • 6% – Willpower alone

Hypnotherapy is a safe, relaxing and gentle approach to stopping smoking which has worked so successfully for so many people over the years and uses a combination of explanation (CBT), hypnosis, suggestion and relaxation. Hypnotherapy combined with CBT offers a powerful support mechanism to assist those deciding to quit smoking. Whilst its true that there’s nothing that’s guaranteed to make someone quit smoking, having this therapy can make that vital difference in helping you to believe that you can succeed and gaining the confidence to do so.

The key to successful change is nearly always at a sub-conscious level. You may recognise the idea of the little voice in your head that can either be very supportive or very negative. “Taming” this inner voice is part of the solution. CBT teaches us that our thoughts affect our feelings and behaviours and that by changing our thoughts we can change the way we feel, such as feeling good about being a non-smoker and about our behaviours, such as quitting.

The smoker has to want to give up. Hypnotherapy can never make anyone do anything that they don’t want to do. It would actually be quite unethical if it could, so willpower is required! Having said this, providing that the person really wants to stop and is willing to stick at it, hypnotherapy is very effective by enhancing motivation so long lasting success is achieved.