Do you find you are unable to relax?

Do you feel depressed?

stress-contentThe good news is stress is not necessarily bad for you. The fight or fright response is considered to be deeply ingrained into the human psyche.  Without stress we would lead quite dull lives, but too much stress can be damaging. In our modern competitive society people are increasingly experiencing too much stress. This is called negative stress and can lead to both mental and physical  illness.

Frequently stress is caused by frustration and feelings of being out of control in our life. It is probably true say that we all have either suffered stress at some point in our lives or have witnessed it happening to others. Many people find that stress makes them physically ill, tense, anxious and irritable, prone to eat, drink or smoke more. Many sufferers find their  stomachs and bowels are upset and eventually this may lead to more serious illness.

Signs of Negative Stress

Body tension Overspending
Unable to relax Aggressive behaviour
Sleeplessness Road rage
Poor appetite Snapping at people you love
Digestive problems Agitation at small things
Excessive eating Always being rushed, in a hurry, or late for appointments
Excessive drinking Unable to sit still and focus on a TV show, a conversation or read
Excessive smoking
Loss of sex drive

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy for stress will tackle all of these issues in a powerful and effective way. Hypnotherapy offers the ability to dissolve the immediate stress felt by the client. The relaxation and deep breathing induced by hypnosis unravels muscular tension and set up what is called the relaxation response. If you are suffering from stress related to a specific event then hypnotherapy will, by the use of positive suggestion, be able to reduce stress levels so you feel more relaxed and in control.

Hypnotherapy can help increase your self esteem and confidence. By using the power of subconscious imagination the client visualises themselves being calm and self assured. If your stress is more deep rooted, then a course of analytical hypnotherapy may be needed to give you lasting resolve and help you have a more fulfilled and relaxed approach to life in the future.

If you would like more information about hypnotherapy, and how it could help you please email or give me a call on 01386 870893.

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Aston Colley    D HYP, HPD
Professional Hypnotherapist & Yoga Teacher