The use of hypnotherapy has gained wide acceptance in helping patients cope with the diagnosis and the treatment of cancer. When someone is diagnosed with cancer the fear of the unknown begins to take over, both for family and the patient. This alone can contribute to an enormous level of anxiety and worry?

Many times , when someone faces the prospect of medical treatment they will feel a sense of helplessness and a loss of control over their lives. The primary goal of hypnotherapy as a complement to medical cancer therapies is to return to the patient a feeling of control and a greater understanding of the mind body connection.

Regaining an all important sense of control and reducing the associated stress and anxiety of coping with cancer allows the perspective of hopelessness to become one of hopefulness.

Having worked as the resident hypnotherapist in a hospice, I know how hypnotherapy can be used to help those suffering from cancer in the following ways
• Overcoming fears and phobias ( needles)
• Fear of surgery
• Fear of hospitals
• Fear of chemotherapy
• Reigniting the minds capacity to guide the individuals own healing through guided imagery.

Reducing or eliminating side effects as follows
• Controlling levels of pain and discomfort
• Nausea
• Insomnia
• Using visualization to boost the Immune system -PNI ( Psycho -neuro immunology)

Emotional and psychological help
• Recognising and acknowledging feelings around diagnosis
• Reducing stress and anxiety
• Learning to relax the body and mind ( self hypnosis)
• Working through feelings about loss

Most importantly improving the quality of life by helping the individual to reach a place of acceptance in the here and now.

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Aston Colley    D HYP, HPD
Professional Hypnotherapist & Yoga Teacher