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• Anger • Anxiety • Stress • Compulsions • Self Confidence • Emetophobia • Exam Nerves • Fears • IBS • Insomnia • Interview Nerves • Low Self Esteem • Nailbiting • Panic Attacks Phobias • Personal Relationship Issues • Quit Smoking • Sports Performance • Weight Loss • Plus Many More


“Increase your self esteem, confidence and reduce your stress levels with the power of hypnotherapy.”

hypnotherapy-content-imageDo you notice whenever your imagination and logic are in conflict, imagination usually wins. This has been proven repeatedly: you may be a smoker unable to stop without outside help, or a dieter constantly going up and down with your weight, or suddenly become petrified with fright when having to speak in public. It explains why things we want to change in life do not come easily.


You may of tried to change your habits or reduce anxiety through willpower and rational thought. But despite convincing yourself what the logical course of action should be, you still imagine yourself doing what the subconscious desires you to do. For example, as a smoker trying too quit you still imagine the taste or smell of cigarettes, or if you are on a diet imagine how good junk food would taste, or come home from work unable to switch off irrational anxieties.

Imagination does usually win out over logic for the very good evolutionary reason that the emotional parts of our brain are more dominant than the logical/ rational parts. We are wired to worry first and think second.

The brain’s emotional centre is the limbic system. The set of structures deep within the brain that fires up in situations which have implications for our survival and well-being. When we are threatened, a little structure called the amygdala screams out in fear. When delight comes our way, or even the anticipation of delight, other structures in the limbic system shoot off large quantities of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

The good news is that hypnotherapy can help you over- ride your limbic systems tendency to let your emotions control your life, but it takes effort. You have to decide to be the one in charge of your emotions, or your emotions will take charge of you.


Worries in daily life often take the form of subconscious ruminations over possible threats to our well- being. These worries that plague us unnecessarily are the result of irrational beliefs often triggered by an event. For example you may worry that you will make a terrible mistake the next time you get into a new relationship. This worry comes from the belief that you’re not really a very likable person and that everyone must like you. It’s the belief, the irrational one , which causes you to experience worry and anxiety.

The essence of hypnotherapy ( not the same as stage hypnosis) involves helping clients learn to take control over the irrational emotions of their brain. The therapy often involves a combination of mindfulness, cognitive – behavioral hypnosis . psychoanalysis, EFT, NLP, brain recursive therapy, solutions focused hypnotherapy plus other interventions. It is important to make the point that I DON’T treat people with hypnosis but use different therapies while people are hypnotized.

The aim of Hypnotherapy is to help people have happier lives by enhancing motivation, making long lasting changes, increasing self confidence, helping achieve personal goals and getting rid of unwanted habits.

This covers a whole range of issues: stress/anxiety, quit smoking, fears & phobias, sleep problems, panic attacks, weight loss, IBS, compulsions etc.

Aston Colley is a professional qualified hypnotherapist and Yoga teacher. He works from his therapy practice near Evesham and a Doctors Surgery in Inkberrow.

If you would like more information about hypnotherapy, and how it could help you please email or give me a call on 01386 870893.

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Aston Colley    D HYP, HPD
Professional Hypnotherapist & Yoga Teacher