Can you remember the last time you lay in bed wrestling with your thoughts? 

You desperately wanted your mind to become calm, to just be quiet, so you could get some sleep. You told yourself not to worry, but suddenly discovered countless new things to worry about. By the time the alarm went off, you were exhausted, bad tempered and thoroughly miserable. 

All next day you have the opposite problem – you wanted to be wide awake, but could hardly stop yawning. Your whole body ached and your mind felt empty. It seems that your life had begun to slip through your fingers, constantly juggling and struggling… leaving you ever more anxious stressed and exhausted.

You’ve tried so many things to feel happier but despite all your efforts you inevitably conclude they have been unsuccessful. Like the young child on Christmas morning who, after madly tearing the wrapping off all the presents, stares moments later in bored confusion, we discover that these outer objects cannot animate us for long.

You hope in time, as you get older and wiser this frustration with life will disappear. But it just gets worse.

Would it be nice to discover that deep down you have the resources to bring you peace and contentment – no matter what life throws at you?

Helping you discover (or rediscover) that deep down you have the wellsprings for peace, contentment and lasting change is the essence of hypnotherapy, mindfulness and yoga.

Understanding that worry is a natural emotion and our brains are ‘wired to worry first and think second’ may not come as a surprise to you. But learning that there are ways to not only take control of these irrational anxieties but also completely change the direction of your life may be of interest to you. The realization that the principle of Orr’s Law is correct-Whatever the Thinker thinks, the Prover will prove.

Often many of us feel that we would be selfish if we spend time on practices for self – development. Other people should come first!. Nothing could be further from the truth. We can’t give our best attention, our time, our energy and love if we are feeling stressed and burnout.

After 30 years in the corporate world I decided to step “off the treadmill” and do something which I felt would be more rewarding.

I am now a professionally qualified Hypnotherapist and Yoga teacher. I have see clients for one to one hypnotherapy from my practice near Evesham, a Doctors Surgery in Inkberrow and a holistic centre in Kings Heath. I run group mindfulness courses and have two weekly yoga classes in Worcestershire. My goal is very simple-

“to help people experience increased well-being, hope, satisfaction and happiness”

If you would like to attend a free 30 minute hypnotherapy consultation, learn about my Yoga classes or Corporate Mindfulness Courses please fill out this web form or give me a call 01386 870893.
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Aston Colley    D HYP, HPD
Professional Hypnotherapist & Yoga Teacher